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Interaction Designer

Bringing classic 90s' to the people of the generation and their kids.

Duolingo Math

The One Club Mentor & Creative 2023

During The One Club Mentor & Creative 2023 session I was assigned to work as an Art Director under the Deloitte Team, my team created a campaign for Duolingo Math based on a brief (D&AD New Blood Awards). Unfortunately, a team member had a job that disqualified our team from submitting it to the competition. On the plus side, it's a cool campaign.


Target Audience: Parents with Elementary/Primary school students 8yrs+, with lessons are geared towards multiplication, division, fractions and more.


What do they think now:  

Duolingo’s mission is to provide the best education and make it accessible to everyone for free, no matter who they are. Most know Duolingo as a language company and not an education company, but with the announcement of Duolingo Math – their first app focused on teaching mathematics – Duolingo is looking to change the way millions learn beyond language.

What do we want to do:

Inspire audiences to build new maths habits

Strategy proposition: 

Learning mathematics has been a boring process and many suffer from mathematical anxiety, the fear that you have forgotten how to do the basics. It’s also important to call out that maths scores over the recent pandemic have been dropping due to lack of focused habitual education. Is there a way we can help get people more comfortable with learning mathematics?


Create a response that draws in new audiences (see Who are we talking to?) to download, and stay motivated with Duolingo Math. All it takes is several minutes a day to build the habit and reap the benefits from learning maths. You need to develop an idea that gets people into the daily habit of learning and keeps them there. 

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